Mo Lotman is a writer, musician, performer, creative thinker, and community collaborator interested in re-weaving the integration fundamental to human and ecological flourishing. His pursuits revolve around joy, connection, sustainability, community self-reliance, sharing, simplicity, direct experience, conscientious living, healing, and self-expression.

He is the author of Harvard Square, an Illustrated History Since 1950 and the founder of The Technoskeptic, a nonprofit magazine taking a critical look at the impact of technology on society. His long inquiry into technological development has proven personally transformative, and he is currently at work on a major nonfiction book with the aim of expanding this transformation outward.

After decades in the Boston area, Mo is now living in midcoast Maine, where he books, organizes, and co-hosts an intimate music series called The Underground Lounge and performs in an R&B band called The Sugar Snaps. Previously, he spent many years as an improv comedian, a voice actor, and a freelance graphic designer.

These days, he is excited to devote his energies to a growing network of people and projects addressing environmental and social decline through imaginative, hands-on experiments involving gift economics, homesteading, local food systems, mutual aid, and resource reduction, always with an eye toward strengthening relationships. For more detail on his current and past endeavors, please visit the adjacent pages.