Mo is a keyboard player, songwriter, and singer who has performed in many musical capacities since childhood, including original projects, a funk/disco group, a fusion band, choirs, musical theatre, and even a recording in a stuffed animal. From 2009–2018 (minus a two-year hiatus) he was the bass voice in the a cappella group Immutable, formerly known as Funkin’ A!, for which he also arranged and acted as musical director.

Mo was the original keys player in the 14-piece Booty Vortex (2004-2006), which played writhing sold-out shows at local clubs and had a nice sidelight on the wedding circuit. The piano-pop quartet Fragile Alex (2003-2004), featuring Mo’s songwriting, played from Greenfield, Massachusetts to Cape Cod to New York and Philly. The Boston Globe lauded the “sweet, lovely songs” while the group hit colleges and received local airplay (including making The Noise‘s Top 30 radio chart in March 2004).

Prior groups included Chalk Circle, which played the coffeehouse circuit with varying personnel, and Schrödinger’s Cat. Upon hearing that the eponymous cat was simultaneously alive and dead, a well-known local folk music promoter became inconsolably offended and walked away. The part about the cat being A) an analogy to explain quantum physics and B) imaginary, seemed to be lost on him.